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Composer-singer, composer and producer, was born in March the 2nd 1955 in Banja Luka. Signing up Economic studies in 1973 he is coming into Zagreb where he is still living.
Zrinko was a member of pop band called «Selekcija» as author of music, words and arangements. By the end of 1973 Jugoton, the largest record company in ex Yugoslavia released debut-single with songs «Stari kovači» and «Magle».
His first presence on Zagrebfest as composer was 1974 when Ksenija Erker performed «Doći će dan». As composer-singer, he made his debut in 1977 with song «Nepoznata, tako ću te zvati».
From 1977 to 1980 he wrote more then hundred songs for children, that period was crowned with television musical «Bajka o maslačku» (lyrics by Sučana Škrinjarić) and music for serial «Marko Marulić».
On 1981 Zagrebfest he appeared with song «Doris» and that was also the first of four composer-singer albums («Doris», »Plavi leptir», «Pola jabuke», »Zrinko Tutić») which were released until 1985.In 1997 Croatia Records released his double compilation «Dnevne temperature» with chosen songs from composer-singer albums.

Three times Zrinko`s songs represented Yugoslavia and Croatia on Eurovision song contest Bergen with song «Željo moja» performed by Doris Dragović, with Tajči and «Hajde da ludujemo» in Zagreb 1990 and 1996 in Oslo with Maja Blagdan where she performed «Sveta ljubav» and took fourth place.

In 1991 he was founder of Croatian Band Aid and he wrote,along with eight other projects, «Moja domovina», a sort of Croatian «second hymn».

Zrinko is author of music for five movies »Zlatne godine», »Putovanje tamnom polutkom», »Nausikaja», »Kad mrtvi zapjevaju» and «Garcia». He won two first prizes on Croatian Film festival Pula (1995 and 1998).

Until year 2000 he was author of music clips for Croatian Radio and Television and also 2000 European Handball Championship.

As producer Tutić signs over thirty albums (Bebek, Davor Radolfi, Doris Dragović, Ivan Mikulić, Maja Blagdan, Massimo, Mišo Kovač, Matteo, Sanja Doležal, Sergio Pavat, Severina, Miroslav Škoro, Tereza, Tajči).

After twenty years Zrinko appeared on 2001 Zagrebfest with song »Moja ljubavi».

Zrinko Tutić is owner and main producer of Tutico, record company and concert agency since 1992.

He is member of board of directors of Phonographic award «Porin» and Chairmen of board of Croatian phonographic association.