Zagreb Double Bass Duo
Offenbach, Six Duets for Celli Op. 50 - No. 1
Šaban - 7ieme Symphonie en La (Georges et Mimi) Op. 397














Founded in 1995. The Duo has given about a hundred concerts at home and abroad, recorded four compact dises, and brought about and took part in two musical-graphic albums.

Žorž Draušnik
principal contrabassist of the Opera orcestra of the Croatian National Theatre

Mimi Marjanović Gonski
principal contrabassist of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

ZAGREB DOUBLE BASS DUO «Offenbach: Six Duets for Celli Op.50»

«…Their new compact disc is going to put you in a good mood. It is smooth and easy on the ear, but in fact the old Mr. Offenbach satirically prickles your ear at the same time.I have always found double bass players slightly odd. Their instrument is bigger than they are and I wonder how they can draw those delicate, intimate tones from that «cupboard».This time they completely bewildered me. They have squeezed out of their «cupboards» even satirical tones written by Offenbach who would , if he could hear it, certainly stoke his long mustache with contentment.»
Fadil Hadžić

ZAGREB DOUBLE BASS DUO «Zagreb Double Bass Duo»

Y. Takechi: Diacorpus for Two Double Basses
D. Kaufmann: Landscape with Figures (Tag - Nacht - Morgen)
K. Seletković: Rebus
A. T. Šaban: 7iéme symphonie en La
D. Doga: Wedding Dances Of Two Old Fiddlers

All compositions were dedicated to the Zagreb Double Bass Duo.

«…The Zagreb Double Bass Duo´s fans will perhaps be surprised by the fact that the double basses are so extended here that (e. g. In Kaufmann´s composition) there is at times no trace of them at all. But this is only a proof of Mimi´s and Žorž´s curiosity that obviously considerably surpasses the identity of their instrument! Extended double basses? Yes, indeed, in the literal sense of the world!»
Nikša Gligo